HumBo - Slackware ARM Install Guide

HOW TO install Slackware ARM on a HummingBoard

Welcome to the HumBo installer guide. This guide is a step-by-step, end-to-end, HOW TO install Slackware ARM 14.1, or current, on a HummingBoard i1, i2, i2eX, or i4Pro. This installer also works for the Cubox-i. If you're using this website for the first time, follow the links below starting from the top. Each section is linked to the next consecutive section at the bottom of the page for your convenience.

The "Downloading the Slackware ARM source media" section is marked with an [option] which means you can choose to follow it, or not, depending on how you intend to carry out your Slackware ARM installation. If you're intending to use a FTP/HTTP server for your Slackware ARM source media then you do not need to download it.

If you have no need of this guide, the HumBo installer and system packages are available from the Downloads page.


Before you begin
Preparing a microSD card
Downloading the Slackware ARM source media [option]

Slackware ARM Installation

Installing Slackware ARM
Update Slackware ARM with slackpkg