HumBo - Downloads

The Slackware ARM installer incorporates the humbo-kernel-boot and humbo-kernel-modules packages, which have been built using the latest source from the official SolidRun GitHub repository.

FatDog says ... The latest HumBo installer was released on Sunday 15th March 2015 and uses kernel 3.14.14-armv7.

Slackware ARM installer

humbo-slackwarearm-installer_latest_fd.img.xz [MD5] - Linux XZ image. [MD5] - Windows/Linux ZIP archive.

System packages

humbo-kernel-boot-3.14.14-armv7-1_15Mar15_fd.txz [MD5]

humbo-kernel-modules-3.14.14-armv7-1_15Mar15_fd.txz [MD5]